Pre-season training
Date of Event Weston Creek Molonglo Cricket Club: Tue Oct 12, 2021 11:38PM


WCMCC has launched pre-season training bookings through Microsoft Bookings through the link below. This will help us comply with the COVID-19 restrictions and caps of 25 people from 15/10 to 29/10.


Booking Link


The structure of these is as per the picture below, being:

- Saturday (16/10 & 23/10) & Sunday (17/10 & 24/10) in Grade groupings (bookings required);

- Mid week hour sessions 19-21/10 and 26-28/10 (bookings required);

- Saturday 30/10 and Sunday 31/10 - no bookings required; and

- Tuesday / Thursday evenings from 2 November through the season.



Compliance with ACT Health Orders is paramount to the continued easing of restrictions so players will be required to comply with the following booking rules - otherwise they will not be able to train.


Please familiarise yourself with all ACT Health COVID Safe requirements,


Please read all the following information prior to booking, any bookings made that are outside of these rules will be cancelled by the club. All players should be registered to play prior to registering for training. 


1) Entry Points

Stirling Oval will be split into 2 parts with 2 different entries.


Part 1 is the nets, and you will need to enter and exit through Entry Point 1, which will be the normal double gates to the left of the pavilion as you enter from the carpark.

Part 2 is the ground, and you will need to enter and exit through Entry Point 2, which will be a small gate at to the right of the pavilion as you enter from the carpark.

The entry point will be noted on your booking, but as a rule, if you've booked a net session, or your grade booking STARTS in the nets, you will enter through Entry Point 1. If you've booked a ground session, or your grade booking STARTS on the ground, you will enter through Entry Point 2.

All people must Check in using the QR code as their entry point.

Masks will be required when not completing strenuous exercise, including entering and leaving the ground / in the carpark.

Only enter through the entry point at your start time, do not enter earlier. Players must also leave the ground at the end of their session time.

There is a 15 minute change over time, this is to ensure everyone has left and to complete any cleaning required. This is not time to socialise inside the ground or in the carpark.


2) Booking

All bookings must be made within the system, and include your name and email address. We ask that anyone attending be registered to WCMCC - except for ACT based Queanbeyan Women's players.
The bookings will only allow up to 25 people to book. If the session is unavailable to book, it means it has been booked out and do not attend the session if you have not been booked in it. Also, do not attend a session if you have received a cancellation email for a previously booked session.

Once booked you will receive an email / calendar invite with your booking details.

If bookings are exhausted, we will attempt to schedule more sessions in line with the relevant ACT Guidance.


3) Attendance at Training

You will only be allowed to train / attend training with a booking. Everyone must also comply with ACT Health orders. If you are from NSW you are not allowed to enter the ACT to attend training as it is not an essential service. There may be an opportunity for NSW based players to train with Queanbeyan in this period, please contact so that we can make any arrangements.


Do not attend training if you are required to quarantine under ACT Health Orders or if you are feeling unwell.

Please ensure social distancing is maintained before, during and after the session.


4) Session Rules - Weekend Sessions

The sessions have been split into grade groups, players who played for the club in 20/21 season should book the grade they played the majority of their season in. New players, or if you are unsure which grade training to attend, please contact These may be changed between the first and second weekend.

We have the ability to cancel or rebook players who are in the incorrect grade group.

Weekend sessions will consist of a 2 hour and 15 minute session. This is 1 hour of nets, 1 hour of ground (with Jason) and 15 minutes to change over between nets and ground.

There is a limit of one grade session per day (so you can train both Saturday and Sunday). There is an "open Session" however this is for players who were unable to book their grade group or for new players. Do not book both a grade session and an open session on the same day.


5) Session Rules - Weekday Sessions

There are 11 x one hour sessions available on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for either the net or ground. This is enough for everyone to book up to 3 sessions a week.

As such, you may book 3 sessions a week for the midweek training, however you can only have a maximum of 2 nets per week. Please be considerate of other players, and if you book 2 nets in the first week, only book 1 in the second.

These will all be open (any level), with the exception of the women's only net session on Tuesdays from 6.15-7.15pm.

If you book 2 sessions in one day, you will need to leave Stirling between the two sessions and enter / scan at the other entry point.
Again, we will be monitoring bookings and delete any that are not in line with these conditions.


6) Available Sessions

If bookings are not full utilised, we will allow people to book these spots for "additional sessions". However, this will only be available when we email out advising there are available sessions that can be booked. These will likely occur on the day of that session.


If there are any issues or concerns - please contact Sean via email -

Kind regards,


Sean Galbraith


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