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Our Club had its beginnings on 20 September 1972 at a public meeting convened by Don Brooker OAM. This meeting resulted from a gathering of boys and their parents at Waramanga Oval on the previous Sunday, who had responded to an advertisement by the A.C.T. Cricket Association in the Canberra Times. 

At the public meeting it was decided to form the Weston Creek Junior Cricket Club and the following officers were elected:-

  • President, Don Brooker,

  • Secretary, Tony Perriman

  • Treasurer, Peter Badman.

  • Others associated with the setting up of the club were:

    • Keith Simmons, George Gibbs, Alby Smart, Graham Arthur, Ray Perks, Phil Chapman, Ray Stevenson, Frank Lonie, "Jesse" James, Tom Murphy, Don McLeod, and Bill Hill.


Nine teams were entered in the junior competitions in the 1972 - 1973 season with some 120 boys registered as members of the club.Although none of the teams met with any outstanding success it was a most satisfactory first season in every way. All teams were fully equipped with new kits,although the club had to go into debt to the extent of $1236. With the assistance of a dedicated group of workers including Bill Hill, Tony Perriman and "Jesse" James this deficit was turned into a credit balance of $179 by the end of the season.

During the next two seasons the club continued to make progress both in the number of teams and in the standard of play. Season 1973 - 1974 saw the club's first premierships when the Under 11 and Under 12 teams won their finals. The standard of play in the junior teams is now well established with the majority of teams making the semi-final rounds each season.

When the Sub - District Competition was introduced for senior players in 1975 the nature of the club changed. At a meeting on the 18th. September 1975 at Weston Primary School it was resolved to drop 'Junior' from the Club's name to become The Weston Creek Cricket Club and it was also decided to enter two teams in the Sub - District Competition.

Prominent among those who helped to organise the first senior teams were Chris Harris, Jim Nuttall, Dave Faulkner and Ian Phillips. Not withstanding the achievements of the past five seasons, 1977 - 1978 will stand out as one of great significance in the history of cricket in Weston Creek. Not only has the Club a record number of teams, four senior and fifteen junior,representing it in various competitions,but the acquisition of Stirling Oval as a home ground has fulfilled the hopes of those who worked tirelessly to develop and foster cricket at all levels in the Weston Creek district.


The Club and the area grew rapidly in the following seasons and it was fortunate that the ACTCA commenced Sub-District competitions in 1975-76, just as the Club was facing the dilemma of how to cater for the older players who were soon to become ineligible to play in the Junior competitions. Two teams were entered in the new competition by the recently re--named Weston Creek Cricket Club. One team consisted of the previous seasons Under 16s, led by two of the fathers, while the other team consisted of cricketers keen to resume their involvement after a break of many seasons. Neither team achieved any great distinction on the cricket field but a tradition of off-field social activity was firmly established.

By 1977-78, interest had increased as more Juniors graduated to the Senior ranks and four teams were entered in the various grades.

The granting of a lease for Stirling Oval with its own small but adequate pavilion, was celebrated in 1977-78 with a special match between an Invitation XI and the Presidents XI which included Chris Cowdrey of Kent and England. This season also saw the first Senior success for the Club when the "B" Grade team, led by Ian Phillips, won the Grade Premiership. It was now evident that the real future and direction of the Club lay in obtaining full Grade status.


In 1978-79 WCCC and Ginninderra CC, from another developing area of Canberra, were invited to enter teams in the Third and Fourth Grades on a trial basis. Weston Creek also entered four more teams in the new City and Suburban Cricket Association and a women's team in the newly formed Women's Association competition - a total of seven Senior teams.

After a successful orientation the Third Grade side reached the final - the Club was granted provisional First Grade status in the 1979-80 season.


Fast forward to today, and Weston Creek Molonglo Cricket Club has entrenched itself as an integral part of the Weston Creek and Molonglo regions and indeed the whole ACT sporting community.

With over 100 kids in Blasters programs, 20 junior teams including mixed and girls only teams, two senior women's teams and teams in all Premier Cricket divisions and Veterans cricket cricket is alive and well in our region. 

Come and find out why it's Good To Be Green!

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